WiMacTel is hiring a Web Developer

Send your resume to hr@wimactel.com. http://ca.indeed.com/cmp/WiMacTel-Canada-Inc./jobs/Web-Developer-96b882d8000f8123?q=wimactel  

WiMacTel De-Risking Telco Voice Infrastructure

WiMacTel provides voice solutions for telco’s to de-risk legacy unsupported and end of life operator services, directory assistance, voice intercept and validation infrastructure. Our customers include ILEC’s and CLEC’s across Canada and the USA. Solutions can be full outsource provided … Continued

WiMacTel in the news

WiMacTel in the news…http://www.itbusiness.ca/news/axsits-new-owner-on-entering-the-voip-market-and-meeting-ccts-standards/77909  

WiMacTel Acquires AXSIT

WiMacTel enters the residential and business VoIP market with the acquisition of AXSIT www.axsit.com. Never one to offer same as service…watch for upcoming news!

WiMacTel welcomes Harry Gordon to the team.

WiMacTel welcomes Harry Gordon to the team as our Professional Network Services Manager. Harry is home office based in Calgary and is responsible for professional services pre-sales activities, recruiting staff and project management. WiMacTel Network Professional Services leverages our core competency in … Continued

WiMacTel Launches Network Professional Services

WiMacTel is again expanding its service portfolio for Telecom Service Providers. We are excited to announce that we are now providing Network Professional Services, leveraging our core competency in voice networks to help our customers support their legacy voice infrastructure … Continued