WiMacTel Expands Texas Presence Through the Acquisition of Coin and Emergency Payphone Assets

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WiMacTel, a Telecom company and one of North America’s largest provider of payphone services, including call centers, announced the acquisition of Texas based National Extra Effort Payphone (NEEP) coin and emergency payphone assets.

Over 4,000 NEEP coin and emergency service payphones will be operated under the WiMacTel brand and are located across the state of Texas in convenience stores, gas stations, bus stations, restaurants, grocery stores, laundry mats, parks, campgrounds, shopping centers, condominiums and apartment buildings. These additional payphone assets continue to build the WiMacTel brand presence in vertical markets and expand their nationwide-wired public points of access.

James MacKenzie, CEO of WiMacTel, commented, “Over the last several years we have developed an expertise in transitioning payphone owners out of the market while maintaining a high level of service for their customers. We were pleased to work with the principals of National Extra Effort Payphone in this regard. They are the largest provider in the state with a broad customer base. We our proud to continue their legacy providing best in class service and with our technology expertise and network infrastructure we look forward to evolving these public access points to deliver new and relevant services in addition to voice access.”

Jeff Waters, co-owner of NEEP, said of their decision to sell their payphone assets to WiMacTel, “We have operated coin and emergency payphones in the great state of Texas for 22 years. It has been an honor to serve our many customers and it was important to know that they would continue to receive outstanding support. We chose WiMacTel as we have had a long and beneficial history with WiMacTel and value their extreme focus on customer service.”

Calgary based WiMacTel, with offices throughout Canada and the USA, is a well known Telecommunications Service Provider with Call Centers assisting companies transition from traditional or TDM to SIP or Wireless network technology offering a suite of products, which include regulated and non-regulated operator services, outsource call center, directory assistance, long distance, calling card, technical field services and inmate / coin and emergency payphone services to Local Exchange Carriers, Airports, Inmate Facilities, Government, Payphone Operators and a broad range of vertical customers in the USA and Canada with international foot prints related to global calling cards.

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