WiMacTel Completes Another Successful Transition Through Replacement Technology: TOPS to IP

Calgary based WiMacTel announces another successful integration with a major Local Exchange Carrier. WiMacTel’s strength in network and infrastructure integration is proven with the transition of a regulated service provider; who was anchored to Traffic Operator Position System “TOPS”. WiMacTel offers a simplified solution to economizing the complex hardwire signaling requirements of a TOPS network.

The WiMacTel transition includes Operator Services of landlines, Payphones and Cellular phone calls. Client data security, emergency call handling and processing requirements were key focus areas. WiMacTel’s strength in network integration facilitates the priorities and objectives of legacy business owners and consumers.

WiMacTel provides a consultative approach to improving profitability through network cost reductions through an integration of services transparent to the consumer. WiMacTel call centers expound upon the customer experience with our service-intense call center team. Be a client service regulated, non-regulated, traditional, dial-tone, internet or wireless, WiMacTel has the solution.

Robin Collins, General Manager Operator and Directory Assistance Services of WiMacTel commented that, “We value the expertise of our Customer’s and their support personnel who over the years have insured service excellence. WiMacTel is sensitive to transitions of this magnitude giving significant consideration to understanding the current process and procedures followed prior to integration. It is a long -term relationship that is established not just another service provider or carrier. We are pleased to work with Customer’s of any size or regional presence providing the same attention of detail to each and every transition. Our technological expertise, network infrastructure and commitment to service is the reason WiMacTel is a leader in service delivery of today’s technological integrations.”

Calgary based, WiMacTel, with offices throughout Canada and the USA, is a well known Telecommunications Service Provider with Call Centers assisting companies transition from traditional or TDM to SIP or Wireless network technology offering a suite of products, which include regulated and non-regulated operator services, outsource call center, directory assistance, long distance, calling card, technical field services and inmate / coin and emergency payphone services to Local Exchange Carriers, Airports, Inmate Facilities, Government, Payphone Operators and a broad range of vertical customers in the USA and Canada with international foot prints related to global calling cards.