WiMacTel Makes Annual Charity Donation

As like all years, in lieu of Xmas cards, WiMacTel is making charitable donations. This year we have donated to Wounded Warriors of Canada http://woundedwarriors.ca/ and Paralyzed Veterans of America. http://www.pva.org/site/c.ajIRK9NJLcJ2E/b.6305401/k.27D1/Paralyzed_Veterans_of_America.htm

WiMacTel is welcoming new team members…

WiMacTel is welcoming 3 new team members. Christy Diaz, Account Manager for Operator and Directory Assistance Services. Usha Rani Ganapathy, Senior Software Developer. Lanre Omotayo, Manager of Infrastructure. Welcome to WiMacTel!

WiMacTel Acquires ILD Corp’s Telecom Division

WiMacTel has announced the acquisition of ILD Corp’s Telecom division assets and operations. ILD is one of the largest providers of operator services, directory assistance and global calling cards in the USA serving the hospitality, healthcare, payphone and CLEC/LEC markets. … Continued