WiMacTel is a North American Telecommunications and Full Service Call Centre company. We are comprised of experienced and passionate people operating in a culture of extreme customer service. WiMacTel is listed with the Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ rating which demonstrates our commitment to service excellence.

The WiMacTel brand is known in the industry as a service provider with heart. Our reputation and dedication to service excellence is why WiMactel is entrusted to represent today many well known customer products and services nationwide across Canada and the USA.

WiMacTel provides today, but is not limited to, the following products and services:

  • Regulated and Non-Regulated Operator services
    • Emergency Calling Handling
      • PSAP Transfer
      • RCMP
      • Fire/Ambulance
      • Domestic Violence
      • Crisis Lines
    • General Assistance
    • Message Relay Services
      • Traditional TTY MRS
      • IP Relay
      • SMS Text Relay
      • Video Relay
  • Directory Assistance
    • DA Listings
      • Residential
      • Business
      • Government
    • Call Completion
    • Multilingual
  • Full Service Call Centre Services
    • Customer Service
    • Live Receptionist
    • Order Taking
    • 24 Hour Help Desk
    • Lead Gathering
  • Bill Number Screening
  • Wholesale Long distance
  • Wholesale Pre-Paid and Subscriber Calling Cards
  • Toll Free Management and Network Routing
  • Back Office Support and Reporting
  • LEC and Credit Card Billing Services
  • Inmate Telecom Field Services
  • Canadian Inmate Telecom Systems
  • Friends and Family Calling Plans
  • Technical Field Services
  • Telecom Repair Services

Our customers include over 1,200 Telecom and 200 Hospitality/Health Care clients. Telecom clients include ILEC’s, CLEC’s, ISP’s and Telecom Management Companies.

WiMacTel’s continued growth is through organic sales; investment in R&D affording new products in our existing markets; and acquisitions of which we have closed 9 transactions in the last 10 years.

WiMacTel understands and supports both regulated and non-regulated services. WiMacTel is a certified long distance carrier, VoIP reseller, wireless reseller and payphone service provider nationwide in the USA and Canada. We have nationwide LEC/CLEC billing agreements and are a PCI DSS compliant credit card merchant.


Why not get in touch with us at: info@wimactel.com