WiMacTel to Provide Payphone and Calling Card Services to DFW International Airport

WiMacTel, a nationwide provider of pay phones, inmate telephone systems, operator services, directory assistance and long distance calling cards, announced today that the company will be providing payphone and calling card services to Dallas/Forth Worth (DFW) International Airport.

WiMacTel continues to be the leader in public communications. Since developing the Millennium payphone with displays, card readers, smart cards, WiMacTel continues to enhance the traditional payphone with web browsing, pay-per-use social networking and advanced advertising features. WiMacTel has evolved from being a service provider for large telephone companies to being a fully featured telecommunications company. WiMacTel is a certified payphone provider across Canada and the USA installing and operating payphones at airports, shopping malls, hotels, convenience stores, gas stations, parks, colleges and hospitals. WiMacTel provides all aspects of the payphone solution, including expert installers and technicians, high end payphones, street payphones, operator services, credit card swipe, directory assistance, long distance and local exchange and credit card billing services. WiMacTel offers the highest level of customer service backed by its 24×7 customer care team.

WiMacTel CEO James MacKenzie said, “WiMacTel is honored to be selected by DFW to provide payphone and calling card services to the 58 million travellers who make their way through the airport annually. With our extensive industry experience, technology expertise, and state-of-the-art network, we are excited to get started and anxious to explore new and exciting services with DFW that can extend the value model of the payphone in the future.”

Matt Gumtie, Director of Customer Service for WiMacTel said, “For us, customer service and user convenience is everything. We are ready to delight DFW and its patrons with our Millennium payphone services and reasonable rates. No one in the industry can match our response times and 24/7 availability.”

About WiMacTel

WiMacTel is a telecommunications company providing operator services for pay phones, hotels, university campuses, hospitals and local exchange carriers, inmate telephone systems, directory assistance and long distance calling cards and plans nationwide in Canada and the USA.

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