WiMacTel Brings Aloha to the Mainland with Discount Collect and Credit Card Calling

WiMacTel, one of North America”s fastest growing independent telecommunications company announced 1-855-ALOHA-00 that provides discount collect and credit card calls in the USA and Canada. 1-855-ALOHA-00 can be dialed from hotel rooms and payphones avoiding costly surcharges and per minute rates.

The Aloha service is available nationwide in the USA and Canada and can be dialed from any phone or payphone. The rates are similar to AT&T and large Canadian Telecom tariff prices. There are no excessive surcharges or per minute rates that are typically found in hotel rooms and at most payphones. Callers can choose between English, Spanish, French and Japanese when accessing the service and can request the price of the call prior to completing. WiMacTel offers an unparalleled customer care service providing 24 hour 7 day a week consumer access to WiMacTel to answer questions about charges, sign up for subscriber or pre-paid service or reload their prepaid account.

James MacKenzie, CEO of WiMacTel commented that, We are excited to launch our new discount calling program. WiMacTel connects people and 1-855-ALOHA-00 allows cost effective communication for anyone that needs to make a credit card or collect call when they are away on the go without their cellphone, in an area with high roaming charges or simply do not own a cellphone. By requesting a rate request callers can be assured they are receiving a great price before they make their call.

WiMacTel is a Telecommunications Company providing telephone systems, operator services, directory assistance, long distance, wireless/VoIP dial tone and payphone services to Inmate Facilities, Payphone Operators, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities/Colleges, Local Exchange Companies and consumers nationwide in the USA and Canada.

WiMacTel, one of North America”s fastest growing independent telecommunications company, launches discount collect and credit calling with 1-855-ALOHA-00.

For more information visit our website at http://www.wimactel.com, email us at info@wimactel.com or call us at 1-800-820-4680.