WiMacTel Acquires D&H Payphone Assets

WiMacTel, one of North America”s fastest growing independent telecommunications company announced the acquisition of D&H payphone assets.

The D&H payphones will be operated under the WiMacTel brand and are located in convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers and apartment buildings. The additional payphone assets continue to build WiMacTel”s brand presence in premium vertical markets.

James MacKenzie, CEO of WiMacTel commented that, The acquisition of D&H payphone assets continues our growth in the public communication space and most importantly broadens our brand presence that facilitates the introduction of our broad telecommunications portfolio. WiMacTel”s leading technology and focus on customer service enables solutions with lower pricing, higher commissions and the highest level of customer care. We have grown at a staggering pace and this acquisition will continue to fuel our expansion.

Matt Gumtie, Director of WiMacTel Customer Service in the USA stated, I”m excited to welcome these new clients to the WiMacTel family and we will delight them with our focus on customer service and the highest commissions in the industry.

WiMacTel is a Telecommunications Company providing telephone systems, operator services, directory assistance, long distance, wireless/VoIP dial tone and payphone services to Inmate Facilities, Payphone Operators, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities/Colleges, Local Exchange Companies and consumers nationwide in the USA and Canada.

For more information visit our website at http://www.wimactel.com, email us at info@wimactel.com or call us at 1-800-820-4680.