Call Controls to protect the Public and Institution


Inmate telephony for the essential contributors to community safety, and the successful reintegration of                     offenders.

WiMacTel’s Inmate Communication Service offers Correctional Authorities:


  • Carrier grade Network and platforms
  • Turn Key solutions, including integrated voice recording and advanced call monitoring
  • A wide array of editable real time call control capabilities
  • Offender Privileged Communication solutions
  • Three-way call/ Conferencing detection
  • Intuitive User – Friendly interface using secure web based portal access
  • Productivity improvements through automation of recurring tasks
  • Powerful Investigation tools which empower Security capabilities
  • Real-time access to call databases and call detail records
  • Innovative Call Payment alternative to help family maintain communications and place them in control of amounts they wish to spend on receiving inmate calls
  • 24/7/Centre representatives for Call recipients and/or Offenders to save Correctional Staff time
  • A single point of contact for Correction staff to report problems 24/7/, electronic mail or web based portal
  • On-going Business solution expertise

WiMacTel’s Inmate Communication Solutions enhance and support the work of Corrections with an emphasis on prevention.

Security Investigation Tools

Changing and more complex inmate profiles, overcrowding, and substance abuse create ever increasing challenges for security professionals.

WiMacTel Inmate Connect Manager supports Security capabilities, with real time access to a wide array of editable call controls and investigative tools, including:

  • Advanced call monitoring, and integrated voice recording,
  • Creating Call Watches & Call Alerts
  • Real-time access to call databases and call detail records
  • Detailed archive storage
  • Customized report creation
  • “Best Available Name/Address” search
  • Biometrics
  • Daily call thresholds associated with telephone(s) and/or offender(s)
  • Time intervals between calls to promote fair and equitable access to the phones
  • Collaborate securely with other law enforcement agencies

WiMacTel Inmate Communication Manager is designed play a critical role in pre-empting and mitigating criminal activity and conducting successful investigations.

Facilitating Inmate Connections

WiMacTel Inmate Solutions supports positive inmate communication with family, friends, support organizations, and legal counsel by maximizing the opportunity for completed call connections.

In addition to traditional collect calling by offenders, WiMacTel offers alternative payment methods to receive offender calls.

“No Collect” Connect Courtesy Call

If the called number is not able to accept collect calls, the WiMacTel automated system advises the called party and offers a short one-time complimentary connection with the offender. The called party is also offered our Customer Care Toll Free number, and web address should they wish establish a Facility Connect account to receive additional calls from the offender.