Can I use Connect-Me and Connect-Me Collect to receive calls from Canadian Correctional Institutions?

Yes!   The rates charged for calls from institutions are based upon whether your telephone number is a local or a long distance call from the institution.  More often than not, it is a long distance call which is more expensive.  Connect-Me and Connect Me Collect simply provides the offender with a local telephone number to call you.   The service does not compromise any security features associated with the prison telephone system.

Are your services compatible with Prepaid   Debit and Pre-paid Collect Accounts   available at some institutions?

Absolutely, Connect-Me and Connect-Me Collect have been designed to work with any service, and still save you money!

Let”s look at an example which compares the cost of a 20 minute call using rates presently posted on the Saskatchewan government Ministry of Justice Website.

A 20 minute   long distance debit call will cost   the offender $7.00.

With Connect-Me, the offender would only pay the prepaid Local call cost of $1.35. A savings of $5.65!   After 5 calls in a month, your investment in the Connect-Me flat rate fee has more than paid for itself in savings.

If the call had been placed as a long distance collects call, the call recipient would be charged $7.50.

The same call using Call-Me Collect would cost the call recipient only $2.50.

Will I be able to receive calls on my wireless phone?

Yes you can.

Wireless Service Providers typically block the ability to accept a collect call.  With Connect-Me and Connect-Me Collect service, you will now be able to receive collect calls on your wireless phone.

Do I need anything special to begin receiving calls?

No.  You may receive calls at your home phone, wireless phone, office phone or any phone, which is a working telephone number. You do not need a special or separate phone or any extra equipment to receive calls.

How does Connect-Me and Connect-Me Collect work?

We provide you with your own personal telephone number, which is simply a local call from where your friend or family member is located.  When the local number is dialed, we do the rest, and   route the call to the destination number you have selected.

Does WiMacTel provide Live Customer Service?

Yes, our Customer Care Representatives can be reached via a Toll Free number 24hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer English, French and Spanish live customer support.

Our representatives can assist you with setting up or managing your account, process payments, provide support if you wish to question any charges on your Friends and Family Account and much more.

No time to talk?  Not a problem. Send your question in through the WiMacTel Web application, and we will be pleased to respond.

How can WiMacTel offer such low rates for long distance and long distance collect calls?

WiMacTel offers a variety of services for both residential and business services in the Telecommunications Market across North America. As such, we have invested heavily in our own technology infrastructure. As important, WiMacTel senior management team has been involved in many aspects and with different companies associated with provision of Inmate Communication Services for a very long time. The combination of our experiences and our infrastructure has enabled WiMacTel to give back by offering special pricing for the Friends and Family Connect Plans.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance on my Connect Connect-Me Collect Account or Connect-Me Collect Account?

While there is no mandatory minimum balance to for your Connect-Me Collect prepaid account, we do suggest having a $2.00 balance simply to maintain your local number.

The $2.00 local number maintenance fee is deducted from your Connect-Me Collect each month.

How do I check my Account Balance?

You can access your Friends and Family account any time through the WiMacTel Friends and Family secure Web Portal.

The Web Portal provides all the tools to manage your account, view your call history, make payments and update any Account Information.

Will my Connect -Me Collect Credits roll over each month?

Connect-Me Collect is a Prepaid Service, and is not affected by any calendar dates. You may use your account credits or add credits any time or anywhere you chose to.

When you terminate the service, any unused credits will be refunded to you.

When a Connect- Me Collect account is not accessed within a 60-day period, the account is considered dormant, and will be closed by WiMacTel at the end of the following 30 days.

In the event, you know in advance you will not be using your Connect-Me account for a while, simply contact our Customer Care Representatives so that we may ensure your account remains active during the extended period of non-use.

Is it possible to have multiple Connect-Me or Connect-Me Collect Numbers and receive calls from different cities on one account?

Absolutely! We want to make connecting with Friends and Family Simple Convenient and Affordable! If you want to receive call from different cities, we can easily set up multiple local numbers for you for either Connect-Me or Connect-Me Collect or a combination of both.

The best part is; the additional local numbers are provided to you at a substantial discount. Simply let us know so that we may create a package customized to your specific calling needs.

Is there any minimum contract period?

There is no contract period for Friends and Family Connect services. We understand situations and priorities can change.  We want Friends and Family Connect Service to be convenient and affordable for as long as you chose to use it.

We have tremendous respect for our clients and appreciate them selecting WiMacTel. If you are dissatisfied with our service, we simply ask that you let us know so that we can try to make it right.

If I accept a Connect Me Collect/ call, where is it billed?

The cost of the call is deducted from your Prepaid Connect Me Local Account, and will never   appear on your   regular telephone service bill.

Does Connect-Me and Connect-Me Collect work in the USA?

WiMacTel can provide a Connect “Me Local   or a Connect-Me-Collect local number, which terminates at a telephone number in the USA at a discount.   The cost of transport into the   USA is different than in Canada, and we simply ask that you   give us a call, or send us an Email so that we may provide exact pricing.

Are taxes included in your pricing?

Yes! To keep it Simple, all our pricing includes any applicable taxes.

Can I have automatic payments and top ups made from my credit card?

Certainly. Our standard practice is not keeping credit card information. If it is Convenient for you to    charge your credit card monthly, or automatically top up your Connect-Me Collect account, we would be happy to do for you.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still subscribe to Connect-Me and/ or Connect-Me Collect?

Definitely. WiMacTel offers a variety of payment methods, which will allow you to make payments on our Friend and Family Services. Please give our Customer Care representatives a call, and together we will find a payment method, which works best for you.