Calgary Flood of 2013 Tests WiMacTel…




CALGARY, Alberta, Canada and ALPHARETTA, Georgia, USA, November 6, 2013 –WiMacTel, a telecommunications company specializing in Public Communications and Operator Services, learned the value of preparing for the worst first hand.  Thanks to WiMacTel’s disaster preparedness and commitment to their customers, the company was able to weather the tragic floods that devastated Calgary and its surrounding cities earlier this year.

“To better serve their customers, WiMacTel made the strategic decision several years ago to carry the telephone traffic that is generated by operator services and public pay telephones,” said James MacKenzie, President of WiMacTel. “After extensive research, WiMacTel chose the Intelis Enhanced Operator Services switching platform and installed it in a telco-grade telecommunications facility located in the heart of Calgary.”

“The Intelis Enhanced Operator Services switching platform is a fully-redundant platform with no single point-of-failure, resulting in an uptime that meets or exceeds 99.999% availability,” said John Marshall, President, Intelis. “However it is a reality that the telephone traffic carried by our switch, even with its ‘five nines’ availability, can be adversely effected in a catastrophic event such as flood, fire, or major network failure.”

“Much of the telephone traffic we carry is from public pay telephones, which we have seen time and time again to be a critical connection point, dare I say lifesaving, in times of an emergency,” MacKenzie expanded. “Recognizing the critical role WiMacTel might play in such an emergency, we made the investment to purchase and install a geographically-redundant Intelis switch.  Little did we know, our investment would prove to be invaluable during Calgary’s floods earlier this year when the building housing our primary switch was flooded in ten feet of water, making it temporarily uninhabitable.”

“Intelis has been in the business of providing our customers with switching platforms that have been known to carry traffic for several years without downtime.  Unsurpassed reliability is in our DNA.  Therefore, we worked closely with WiMacTel in the design and implementation of their geographically-redundant facilities and are proud to be their partner in providing critical communications on a daily basis as well as in times of an emergency,” concluded Marshall.

About WiMacTel, Inc.

WiMacTel is a certified operator service provider, long distance carrier, VoIP reseller, wireless reseller, and payphone service provider nationwide in the USA and Canada.  The company has nationwide LEC / CLEC billing agreements and is a PCI DSS compliant credit card merchant.  Customers include LEC’s / CLEC’s, airports, government, hotels, universities, hospitals, convenience stores, fuel retailers, small/medium business, correctional institutions, and consumers.  For more information, please visit

About Intelis, Inc.

Intelis is the premier provider of turnkey Operator Services switching platforms.  The platform supports both automated and live agent positions performing the required features of Operator Services including Directory Assistance, Toll & Assist, and Rate Quotes. The VoIP-enabled platform also supports additional revenue-generating applications such as Answering Service and Customer Support applications. The open interface allows customers to easily add additional revenue-generating third-party applications.  Intelis’ customer base includes RBOCs, Independent Telephone Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and Long Distance Carriers.  For further information, please visit