Bell Canada Technology Leader Joins WiMacTel

Damani Best, a Bell Canada technology leader, is joining WiMacTel as their Director of Business Development.

WiMacTel, a leading independent telecommunications provider, announced that Bell Canada technology leader Damani Best is joining them as their Director of Business Development.

WiMacTel, a provider of operator services, directory assistance, long distance, calling cards, wireless/VoIP services, inmate telephone systems, and payphones across the USA and Canada, announced that Bell Canada technology leader Damani Best is joining them as their Director of Business Development.

Mr. Best is joining WiMacTel at a pivotal point of their business evolution. The company has experienced staggering growth over the last two years following their shift from supplier of hardware to provider of telecommunications services. WiMacTel is now defining their next phase of growth, identifying new channels, new products, and strategic acquisitions. Mr. Best’s initial mandate will be to reinvent the telephone operator enhancing the value to callers at home, from a payphone, airport travelers, hotel patrons, hospital patients, and visitors, essentially anyone that can reach a WiMacTel operator.

Mr. James MacKenzie, CEO of WiMacTel commented that, “We are excited that Damani is joining WiMacTel at the beginning of our next stage of growth and business expansion. We are approaching 2 million telephones supported on our platform all with access to our operators. Damani’s knowledge of the market, technology, and consumer trends and behaviors make him ideally suited to lead our quest to re-establish the value of the operator and enhance the value to callers and to those that provide the edge device.”

“I am excited to be joining WiMacTel at this stage of my career. They are such a creative organization and I have watched WiMacTel reinvent themselves and grow at such an incredible pace. To be a key player to drive their next stage of reinvention, the telephone operator, is a true honor. I am anxious to commit myself to WiMacTel and help create their future,” stated Mr. Best.

About WiMacTel

WiMacTel is a certified operator service provider, long distance carrier, VoIP reseller, wireless reseller, and payphone service provider nationwide in the USA and Canada. The company has nationwide LEC / CLEC billing agreements and is a PCI DSS compliant credit card merchant. Customers include LEC’s / CLEC’s, airports, hotels, universities, hospitals, convenience stores, fuel retailers, small/medium business, correctional institutions, and consumers.

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