WiMacTel Launches Network Professional Services

WiMacTel is again expanding its service portfolio for Telecom Service Providers. We are excited to announce that we are now providing Network Professional Services, leveraging our core competency in voice networks to help our customers support their legacy voice infrastructure as they prepare for transformation to next-gen networks. We are providing services including; consulting and execution for network line and trunk grooming, switch migrations, engineering, switch translations, relocation and re-arrangements, and maintenance services.

Network Professional Services complements our existing portfolio that includes Operator Services, Directory Assistance, Message Relay Services (TTY and IP Relay), Calling Cards, Long Distance, Billing, PIC Care, 800 Resporg and Voice Intercept.

WiMacTel Voice Services, network professional services, and web-based telecom platform and application development capability provide our Telecom customers the ability to continue to support their voice service commitments while simplifying their networks and reducing operational costs and risk, enabling them to focus on pursuing their network and service evolution priorities.

For more information contact Roy Turunen at rturunen@wimactel.com.