Voice Services

WiMacTel provides regulated and non-regulated services:

  • Collect, Person to Person, 3rd Party, Credit Card and Calling Card
  • Emergency Call Handling
    • PSAP transfer
    • RCMP
    • Fire/Ambulance
    • Domestic Violence
    • Crisis Lines
  • General Assistance
  • Message Relay Service (MRS)
    • Traditional TTY
    • IP Relay
    • SMS Text Relay
    • Video Relay
  • Directory Assistance
    • Call Completion
    • DA Listing
      • Residential
      • Business
      • Government
  • Wholesale Long Distance
  • Wholesale Pre-Paid and Subscriber Calling cards
  • Toll free management and network routing
  • Back office support and reporting
  • Bill Number Screening
  • LEC and credit card billing & collection


WiMacTel understands and supports both regulated and non-regulated services. WiMacTel is also a certified long distance carrier, VoIP reseller, wireless reseller and payphone service provider nationwide in the USA and Canada. We have nationwide LEC/CLEC billing agreements and are a PCI DSS compliant credit card merchant.


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